Spending time in nature and capturing its beauty with a camera is a meditative experience for me. When the right subject and light are working together, it creates a sense of flow and timelessness. I seek these moments, mostly in abstracts, close-ups, and intimate landscapes. My love for photography stared in 1981 when I purchased my first camera, a Nikon F3, and took a black and white photography class in college. At the time I was living in Florida,so my subjects were the architecture and the people of downtown Miami. After moving to Southern California in the mid 80’s I switched to color transparency to capture the amazing colors of the landscapes of the West. I traveled extensively throughout the Southwest photographing its iconic places. A visit to Iran in the late 90’s inspired me to move there for a few years and photograph the nature, ancient ruins, and old villages of the country, which resulted in publishing seven books on these subjects. In 2013, with many advancements in digital photography, I decided to sell all my film cameras, from 35mm to large format, and make the switch to a Nikon digital camera. Today I live in Portland, Oregon and continue to enjoy extracting the beauty that surround us, both in color and black and white.

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